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Mar 5, 2014 10:00am PST
mean peninsula. further soften your fine lines and parents. us secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergei lavrov will hold off for the first time since the unrest in ukraine he dropped it. the tale of the meeting on the sidelines of a special conference at pains to help lead the non cope with the influx of syrian refugees. before traveling to france kerry stopped and he and michelle support for the country's interim government. afterward carry slanted brush and deployment of troops to crimea as an act of aggression. they added that the us is not looking for confrontation. in the streets today. i didn't see anybody who feels threatened. except for the potential of an invasion by russia. so i went to hope that present boom. it was assessed a chance all evidence everywhere in the world about troops being radio that they're not there that he will step back and listen carefully. that we would like to see this de escalate. the short trip to kiev kerry offered in economic and technical on package worth one billion us dollar is too hard. ukraine's new governmen
Mar 3, 2014 10:00am PST
in a silky in jail. us secretary of state john kerry who will arrive in kiev on tuesday has condemned russia for what it called an incredible act of aggression and wind back the country has a lot to lose if it presses on with its current course of action. in an interview with nbc meet the press kerry said a stronger message saying that could ultimately the acid present in these at the end and implications on tree the us congress has already called for sanctions against russia. this parliament has already given the greenlight to expressing the gluttony or prudent to use military force to protect its citizens in ukraine. defying calls from the international community not to intervene. over the weekend ukraine mobilize its military for a possible confrontation with russia which it previously dispatched more than six thousand troops to train me up. some even surrounded several small ukrainian military al post demanding forces there to disarm. on sunday ukraine's meeting chief defected to russia after having been appointed just ideally before. russia has also been staging military exercises invol
Feb 26, 2014 10:00am PST
secretary of state john kerry and british foreign secretary william hague had expressed hope that ukraine can form an inclusive government. the was the only nation victimized by the japanese military during world war two the first thirty nine thousand chinese nationals were forced to work in japanese companies during the war and over six thousand died in the process seeking justice some seventy years later the bacon fat survived and the families of those that dance. thirty seven people in all filed a class action lawsuit against seventeen of the japanese corporations on wednesday. he represents the first case in the chinese port into the matter. they can potentially increase tensions between teaching and tokyo even further. this are demanding that the japanese firm's apologize in writing for the compulsory labor and asking for about one hundred sixty thousand us dollars per person in compensation that's all for me for this evening and i'll be back tomorrow night for another would get all the stories making headlines around the world. oh and welcome to prime time sports on tv chat let's st
Feb 28, 2014 10:00am PST
to aggression russian foreign minister sergei lavrov new to assure us sicker to see john kerry the russian will respect ukraine's territory. other western nations like britain and germany are also calling on russia to help ease the turmoil in ukraine's russian dominated region. on thursday the new ukrainian government held its first cabinet meeting led by newly appointed prime minister in our city gets in you. in the meantime now said present a victory and a cold it is said to be in russia. russian state news agencies aree plansn hold a news conference on friday. he is a clear he is still ukraine's president but has lost support across almost the entire country chloe audio mix. over in seoul national assembly lawmakers passed a series of long pending bills as this much extraordinary session wrapped up today but they remain divided over a controversial revision to the nation's pension system our national assembly correspondent you don't go as he detests lawmakers in the national assembly passed a series of key lightly the bills on friday the last day of this month's extraordinary session. a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4